Hello, you've found me... today I am in a purple mood.

With a very free-flowing approach to designing, and the need to always experiment, my style aims to encapsulate unconventional, colorful and individualistic designs, with the odd quirk here and there.

To date my work currently focuses towards branding, print and packaging, with a little illustration and web-design, although I'm always excited to apply my skills across a wide range of applications. As a freelancer, I'm able to base myself in Adelaide, South Australia, whilst contributing to a small studio based out of Amsterdam.

I spent 2010 living in Amsterdam, designing for BrandBase – an Advertising agency happily located alongside the Brouwersgracht. This was an amazing time, living and working in the heart of the city.

Between November-December 2011 I will be completing my design studies, drinking a lot of coffee, and sometimes sleeping. So I need you to be patient with me until I have some lovely eye-candy for your perusal.

In the meantime, much can be learned about me just by browsing through these websites:


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The Loop

I can also be contacted by email: design@bytobias.com

Note: work will not be made from candy